Consoles & DAWs

Consoles & DAWs

ZÄHL AM1 Pure Analog Mixing Console
60 Channel / 4 Stereo-Groups / 5 Stereo & 2 Mono Auxiliaries, Superb 4 Band EQs, M/S decoding in each stereo channel, Insert Send/Return with continues dry/wet adjustment

3 stereo CV channels with the same full feature set as the conventional stereo channels plus 21 parameters (every parameter except INPUT GAIN and switches) voltage controllable via a combination of a poti for postive/negative MODULATION AMOUNT and a 12-position rotary switch for selecting a MODULATION SOURCE etc..)

IM-1 M/S Insert Master featuring Mid/Side Conversion & Stereo Base Control

Beag Console
completely refurbished discrete germanium transistor console from the late 60ties, built with the Siemens Sitral standard, 6 stereo & 2 mono channels

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