We want to welcome you to our lovely Apollo Studio. We are happy to work for and with you on your projects.
Please feel free to contact us, drop us a message and tell us about your music.

Fadi graduated with a first class B.Sc. in Audio Production at SAE Institue Berlin late 2015. He works as a Mix Engineer & Producer at Apollo Studio Berlin since mid 2015.


Fadi Hachem
Junior Engineer & Producer

TN is a music-producer, writer and sound-engineer since 25 years. He worked on countless productions for film, TV, advertising, remixing and music productions. He is the founder of the Apollo Studio which was already existing for a decade in Munich and from 2001 on in Berlin.


Tobi Neumann
Senior Engineer & Producer

Ludwig made a 2 years internship from
2012 – 2014 at the Apollo Studio.Right now he finishes his Bachelor of Arts & Audiodesign at SRH Hochschule Der Populären Künste.


Andrea Martinez Cancino
Junior Engineer