We offer a wide range of analog and digital gear.
In the studio you find two analog mixing consoles with quite different sonic characteristics. The main desk is a new development from Michael Zähl and Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel, Hard Wax).
Michael Zähl already built custom made consoles for legendary Kraut-Rock producer Conny Planck back in the Seventies. He took his unique and highly musical sounding filter design and combined it with the latest state of the art SND technic. The result is a superb sounding 54 Channel mixing desk – the heart and center of our studio.  Additionally we bought a beautiful old mixer from the opera house in Weimar, fully recapped it and provide a great tool to color

your sound. It is built with the first generation of germanium-transistor technic, great for fat and warm bass and silky high frequencies. The side-racks are full of sophisticated analog outboard gear and great Lexicon and Eventide effect processors. There is also a fabolous EMT 140 reverb plate and two Roland tape-delays available.
The main Mac Pro is loaded with an UAD-2 OCTO core, contains lots of plugins and industry standard DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Ableton Live. The bridge between the analog and digital world consists of a RME HDSPe MADI Interface, which can be fed by a Lavry LE 4496, a Burl B2 and a 32 channel D.O. Tec Andiamo converter. All converters and digital

devices are clocked by the ultra-stable Antelope Rubidium Atomic Clock.
On the instrument side you can find a collection of legendary vintage synths like Sequential Circuits, Waldorf, EMU, Roland and many more. Our greatest pride is a large Eurorack based modular system with a unique collection of modules like Cwejman, Dewanatron, Make Noise, 4MS Audio, Intellijel, Livewire etc..  many of them super-rare.
For acoustic recordings we provide a large range of microphones, pre-amps and some beautiful old guitar amplifiers. For details please click on the pictures below and check the gear-list.