The main Apollo Studio is a fully AC-controlled 65 m² production/control room with superb acoustic characteristics and a large window for daylight. We realized an open acoustic concept using mainly diffusors and just a few absorbers. That makes the sound open and airy. The building materials are completely organic, no glass- or rock-wool is used.

The room is divided into a following sections:

  •  the mixing place including a large sideboard rack full of outboard gear
  •  the DAW operating place with access to all MIDI expanders
  • the synthesizer and recording section featuring a large modular system, many legendary instruments and rhythm boxes
  • and last but not least a cosy chillout corner.

The studio is located inside of the Riverside Studio Complex, which provides a 110 m² recording and seminar room, a large lounge area with a beautiful Boesendorfer Piano and a modern kitchen. The building lies directly at the Spree river, close to the historical Oberbaumbrücke, surrounded by plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.