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InstrumentsInstrumentsSynthesizer & Drum Machines: Black Cooperatin Deckards Dream (with Expander), Roland Jupiter 8, Roland SH 101, Roland XV-5080, Roland Juno 60, Roland TB-303, Roland TB 303, Devil Fish, Roland TR


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OutboardOutboardAlesis 3630 Compressor Manley Variable MU with SC option IGS S-Type Mix Bus Compressor Kush UBK Fatso Tube Tech CL1B Teletronix LA-2A UA 1176 AE 2x RecPro Audio Pultec EQP-1A

Recording & Monitoring

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Recording& MonitoringRecording & MonitoringRecording & Conversion: Mac Pro 12core 2,66GHz with RME MADI FX with UAD, Izotope, FabFilter, PlugIn Alliance, Native Instruments, SoundToys, Waves Complete Bundles, Logic Pro X, Pro

Consoles & DAWs

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Consoles & DAWsConsoles & DAWsZÄHL AM1 Pure Analog Mixing Console 60 Channel / 4 Stereo-Groups / 5 Stereo & 2 Mono Auxiliaries, Superb 4 Band EQs, M/S decoding in each